CSS Zen Garden Everything You Need to Learn

In 2003, nobody using CSS except for controlling Fonts and Background Colors. And Those Who Understood Power of CSS Were Rarely Designers.

And So Perception Spread That CSS is Only For Handling Boxy Design, Color and Changing Fonts. And Those Who Believe in CSS Power Were Unable to Convince Client To Take This On Project.

After The Era Jeffrey Zeldman Comes With CSS Zen Garden.

What is CSS Zen Garden?

CSS Zen Garden is Community Aim excite, inspire, and encourage How Amazing CSS really Can Be.

Accomplished Beautiful Design by CSS With Taking All Control on CSS.

Official Website of CSS Zen Garden

How To Participate in CSS Zen Garden?

Zen Garden Required Strong Knowledge Of CSS to Participate. They Provide CSS Resource to Learn Advanced CSS Skill to Beat Competitive Market. Resource Link

Before Participating Remember That Don’t Change Original HTML File, Modify CSS as You Wish.

  • Download the sample HTML and CSS to work on a copy locally.
  • Once you finish with CSS design work, Upload you files to Web Server.
  • Or Send us a link to an archive of that file and all associated assets.
  • If your work make good impact then we will shows case it to our website.

How To Submit My Design To CSS Zen Garden?

Who is the Owner of CSS Zen Garden?

CSS Zen Garden Created by Dave Shea and web Designed Molly Holzschlag in 2005.

Example Of CSS Zen Garden Design

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