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If you are in the production of projects or development of sites, applications need to use icons. But When it comes to commercial use of icon, There is only few of trusted platform provide to use free of cost icon pack for commercial use.

The “iconmonstr” is recommended in this article. iconmonstr having a free set of icons with over 4496 patterns!

This icon set is maintained by a single creator. Iconmonstr has a unique variety of patterns, with padding, thick lines, or borders and users can download a variety of document formats, including SVG, EPS, PSD, and PNG as well as the original code embedded in SVG Inline or Base64.

Iconmonstr is free to use for personal and commercial purposes. Even iconmonstr offers a set of icon-shaped “Iconic Fonts” with over 300 small free icons, ideal for web or interface development.

Visit iconmonstr

Use of Commercial Icon Pack

Once you open website, you’ll see two style version of each pattern. Such as a Fill / Bold(Heavyweight Icons) and Thin(Lightweight Icons).

Find Specific Icon by entering keywords and also by click “collections” to see the full icon library.

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The iconmonstr icon design is divided into two main types, one is a thicker-border filled (Fill/Bold icon). which currently totals more than 4,200.

fill and bold icon set, user icon with fill color and bold.

The other is the thin icon with fine lines and empty body.

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If you’re looking for icons for a specific category, click “Collections” from the home page can also be found by category.

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How to Download Icon?

Click any of your choice icon and it will redirect to download page.

you’ll see a variety of common picture formats, such as SVG, EPS, PSD or PNG, etc., and some patterns will also provide icon type.

Check the terms and condition and then press “Download”. If you want to get the SVG or Base64 original code to press the embed button, you get the relevant original code.

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If you’re downloading a PNG picture format, iconmonstr also has an online editor that can quickly resize, scale, color, background or box styles, and test the display against a white or dark background.


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