Generate Color Palettes From Image For Free (CSS Code)

How to Generate Image To CSS Color Plattes?

Today we are back with the most used tool for the designer, Yes It’s Color Palettes Generator From any images. This is a very handy tool to create the best color combination for any image. Automatic Tool Help you to extract colors from pictures and automatically combine the perfect ones Color for your website.

Even also you can pick the color in the entire image by manually hovering the mouse over an image. There are many tools like this in the market but why this one is different to all others?

Colors.depely named tool supports exporting PNG, PDF, SCSS, SVG and other formats. What else designer need if all these format they got in one place.

The colors.dopely website is still in beta, you can play it carefully.

Open the website, create, save and share the perfect palette in seconds, and it is a completely free palette generator .

colors.dopely supports many functions, such as: select the starting color from the image and automatically obtain the perfect combination / customize the color accurately by adjusting the temperature, hue, saturation, brightness, etc. / support exporting PNG, PDF, SCSS, SVG, etc. Format .

colors.dopely provides 495 excellent color palettes, which can be searched by color code, color name and label .

At the same time, it also provides thousands of color schemes, which can be filtered according to the most popular and recently updated order .

Click any color scheme, you can enter the color matching details, you can directly copy the color value or click the color value to modify.

Mouse over the color, click the adjustment button, you can adjust the hue, saturation, brightness, etc. of the color .

For the circular gradient corresponding to the bottom of the color value, you can modify the angle of the gradient according to the desired effect. After the adjustment is complete, click Save .

Click the camera icon in the bottom navigation to select the picture. It will automatically recognize the color in the picture. In addition, you can manually absorb the color by moving the mouse to the specified position of the picture .

Finally, it supports exporting 6 formats, namely PNG, PDF, SCSS, SVG, URL, JPG.

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