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How to make Figma Plugin Free | Learn to Create Figma Plugin

This article covers a single specific step in the plugin development process. Check out an overview of the entire process in our Make Plugins for Figma article.

Find all the information you need to get started writing plugins on the Figma plugin developers page.

Register a Plugin

When you register a plugin, Figma will create a new plugin manifest on your computer. This includes the folders, templates, and information you’ll need to build your plugin.

You will need to register a plugin before you can start developing it. You must use the Figma Desktop app to develop a plugin.

  1. Open the Figma Desktop app.
  2. In the File Browser, click on your name to view your account.
  3. Click on the My plugins tab to view your plugins.
  4. In the Development column, click the + Create your own plugin link.
  5. Enter a name for your plugin. You can change your plugin name when you publish it.
create a plugin for figma. how to process
  1. Click Continue to go to the next step.
  2. Choose a plugin template:
    • Empty: A blank slate where you can build your plugin from the ground up.
    • Run once: This is a template for a plugin that runs on the canvas, without any further interaction from the user. Use this template if you don’t need to build any UI.
    • With UI’s and Browser API’s: Use this template if you want to create a plugin with an interactive UI. Or, if you want to use browser APIs as part of your plugin.
figma best template for web 2020
  1. Click Save as to create a new manifest.
  2. We’ll prompt you to choose a name and a location on your computer to save the manifest to. Enter a name and location, then click Save to confirm the download.
  3. We’ll also provide download links for any related tools.
    • Javascript: Download Node.js
    • TypeScript: Copy the install code to run in the terminal
figma plugin installation process
  1. Click Okay to close the modal and return to the Plugins Page. Your new plugin is now listed in the Development column..
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